Steps Involved in Bobblehead Creation

Steps Involved in Bobblehead Creation

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All of us adores bobblehead dolls, customizable dolls especially. They are ideal as a gift or to adorn a dashboard or desk. They always make me smile or laugh. Have you ever thought about how do they make these dolls? We have the solution. Below we have contoured the procedure. You can now learn what exactly goes into the creation of your custom doll. Once you've figured out how to make it, come to our shop and get your custom bobblehead doll right away!

Steps involved in Bobblehead creation:

1.   Choose the image

The First step is customer must select an image to be turned into a bobblehead doll. It is the most vital step in making a customized bobblehead doll. A customer can pick any likeness to be turned into a doll. It is critical, to begin with, a clear image that is as large and sharp as possible. It will make the artist's work on the doll with the head easier.

2.   Transfering to mold

This image is transferred to a mold by the artist. The artist will create a 3D rendering of the head and face using digital programming or sculpture. Typically, it begins as a clay mold. The artist will then work the clay with care and skill to precisely reproduce the client's image.

3.   Proof checking

The proof is sent to the client by the artist. When finishing the mold, the artist will meet with the client to ensure that everything is in place. A customer has the right to any proof or "modification" they desire.

4.   Cast the mold

When the customer gives their approval, the bobblehead mold is ready to be poured. Artists use basic sculpting techniques to accomplish this. The materials used differ depending on the company that makes the bobbleheads. It is difficult to make changes to the construction of the bobblehead doll after this point. Customers can always request a different body style or paint color, but once the mold is cast, the shape and fixes the structure of the head.

5.   Painting the mold

The painting of the bobblehead is painstaking. Now comes true artistry. After constructing the bobblehead, the artist tries to match the image provided by their art. They will do this with a variety of small paintbrushes and artist tools. Everything is going through care and consideration for the provided image.

6.   Assembling the doll

Most people are unaware of the mechanics of a real doll with an inflatable head. After molding doll's head is attached to its hollow body, cast, and painted. It will differ according to the style of the bobblehead. The body must have a hollow insert for the ballast and tie-down system to function. When finished, pendulum head dolls can be attached to any base and placed anywhere. Some dolls have a unique adhesive on their bottom to allow for surface attachment.

7.   Packing and delivery

The best part is yet to come. When the custom bobblehead doll is finished and thoroughly tested, deliver it to the customer. Customer satisfaction is critical. Most businesses have a refund policy in place if a customer is dissatisfied with the final product. However, this is rarely the case!


This article is much helpful in finding how do they make your favorite customized bobblehead dolls. As you get to know, they put much effort into creating a bobblehead doll of your wish.

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